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Hugh McInnish

The mystery grows. Why are people of power and influence so silent on the question of Obama’s missing birth certificate, when out here in the hinterlands the great majority are clamoring for it to be shown. What is it about the issue that is so dreadful that it would cause the uncharacteristic explosion of Alabama Senator Sessions I described in my last newsletter?

I have had a number of responses to that newsletter, and I have published some of them below. The concern they show is evident, but no writer has an explanation for the strange silence shown by our “leaders” any more than I do.

By publishing these letters from readers I hope that they will at least convince us that we are not alone in our fears. These fears are shared by a wide segment of very rational, logically-thinking people. Some of the readers have shown a misunderstanding of the facts. Let’s deal with that problem a little later.

The letters follow below.

Not Lack of Time

NO. It's not the lack of time. Jeff Sessions (1) fears being non-PC before the Washington crowd; and (the R-word) (2) he KNOWS what the Obama-worshiping media did to Sarah Palin and he doesn't want to be so castigated.

Bottom line: he's a coward.

Ellen Williams

P.S. Sessions would not have risked his life to go with the Sons of Liberty in 1776 nor would he have stayed at the Alamo. Guess those kinds of Americans are gone forever?

Ellen Williams

In Agreement

This is a well written letter. I admire and appreciate you very much. I am proud of you for always standing up for the people. I am totally on your side. I agree with you.

I think it was horrible during the Campaign, when President Obama's Birth Certificate was in question, that no one (elected or appointed) took action to require him to produce his legal birth certificate in order to continue running "as a Candidate." I have signed more than one Petition for different groups who want resolution of the question of "Whether or not he is a natural born Citizen of the U. S." I know that U. S. Supreme Court Justice Roberts said that he would review the case. I am waiting for the results of that, and other, pending Court decisions.

Thanks for keeping me aware of things you support. I appreciate everything that you did in the past.

Please tell me if, or when, there is anything else that I can do now to support you. May God Bless and Keep You and Your Family! Have a good day!

Doris Edmonds

Obama May Resign

Thank you for your work in exposing this weak spot in the Obama camp. I fear we do not have the four years to wait to put someone else in the White House.

And my bet is, push come to shove, that Obama will resign rather than produce the birth certificate. In this manner, the damage he has done to the Constitution will not be reversible. If it is proven he was not a citizen, anything he has signed, during his time in office, is null and void and unenforceable. That would reverse the push to the totalitarian state that is his charge in office.

God Bless,

Lynn Stuter

Disappointed by Sessions’ Response

I too was at the EF banquet, and was surprised - and disappointed - by Senator Sessions' response. As for Obama - if he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear." If he's a natural-born citizen, then it should be a simple matter for him to prove it. I'd expect transparency - and voluntary compliance with grace and good will - out of basic respect for those he governs

Judy Berneske

Three Possibilities to Explain Sessions’ Stance>

Senator Sessions' impassioned refusal to even look at your letter raises three possibilities:

1. He does not have the (admittedly incomplete) information we have, and therefore he has concluded without knowing the facts that these lawsuits are without merit.

2. He knows facts we do not know that prove that Obama is a natural-born citizenship and that these lawsuits are therefore groundless. But this doesn't make sense; if he (or anyone else) has this information, surely they would disclose it and set the matter to rest.

3. He knows that Obama is not a natural-born citizen but does not want the truth to come out because the consequences could be disastrous.

What do you think?

John A. Eidsmoe

Believes the Court has answered the Question

May I answer this simply.

I am a Republican, and seriously considered a run for Parker Griffith 5th District seat. One day I will run for office.

The question you ask Sessions to consider has already been looked over by the US Supreme Court. And their consideration (not ruling since the late 2007 meeting was not in court) was, that Barry Obama's Certificate of Live Birth, issued in Honolulu was valid as a certificate.

The court has answered the question. And it is too late to push this issue. Legally.

Stephen Davis

Need to Stir the Pot

I'm on your side in this. Everybody ought to stir the pot and write letters to their congresscritters and their newspaper editors and call in to talk shows and generally raise the hue and cry over this. I do what I can here, but that ain't much.

Best regards John Bischoff

Obama Selected, Not Elected

Thank you for your report on the conversation with Sessions at the Eagle Forum Banquet. We had planned to go, but decided that $50 per person was a bit steep for us to pay to listen to him talk about the economy. I get more outta listening to Glenn Beck on FOXnews!

Please see below the letter I received from Jeff Session back in Jan [A copy of the letter was attached.] regarding the citizenship of the imposter president. I have typed it ver batim...I found out from a friend at Alabama Secession Day/Constitutional Mini Seminar which I spearhead every year...that he received the same "form letter' from Sessions when he wrote about the subject of obama's citizenship.

Obama was the "selected" one...NOT elected..but SELECTED! He had a free pass on every issue...controversial did not matter...there was always a justification for him. He has been hand picked and groomed for this job of making Nikita Khruchev's 1961 prophesy come true. It is a clear and present fact that Obama and his wife HATE America and the U.S. constitution because he could NEVER revere such a country and document that was founded and framed by slave-holding WHITE men! That is a statement of FACT...not intended to be a "racial" statement!

Patricia S. Godwin

Don’t Know What to Make of Issue

Don't know what to make of the Birth certificate issue. I think Keyes and some folks were trying to take it to the courts, but did the court's reject their plea? Can't remember. In any event, the majority of Americans voted for this socialist and we have mid-term elections to get balance restored or it may be too late. I hope there is a chance of getting that north Ala and SW Ala house seats the Dems hold to get 6 of 7. Though they have voted against Obama on stuff, they have propelled Pelosi, Frank, etc. into power - that's a big problem.

Don Wallace

Sessions Needs to Hear

With your permission, I would like to forward your Newsletter to Senator Sessions. He needs to hear you.

Charles Rigby

Sessions Asked to Lead the Charge

Yes, by all means, you may publish my letter. Don't be sooo trusting in the capabilities of this communist regime...when it comes to something as simple as a paper document, believe me...there is NO limit as to what they can do! And I do think that whoever had to do the "dastardly deed" would not live to hear the clock strike the next hour!

I had asked Sessions in my letter to him why he could not lead the charge to call a congressional hearing on obama's citizenship...and to initiate an intense investigation regarding this issue. He has a responsibility to the people of the state of Alabama as well as the country to uphold and defend the defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic. As you can see in his letter, he did not address that question. He "danced" around the entire issue.

I'm afraid when it comes to the definition of "domestic enemy" obama is going to declare anyone who challenges him as a "domestic enemy" and we will disappear to the REX84 & FEMA camps! Forget about the Writ of Habeas bin laden killed that in 1861...then little george bush buried it with his Military Commissions Act of 2006!!!

If you really closely analyze Sessions' letter to me, you will be able to read between the lines..for example please note where he used the title of President with obama's name...only when he included "obama" in the title. English rules of grammar state that referring to the office of the President of the United States the "P" is ALWAYS capitalized...and ONLY when referring to the President of the United States...not the president of a bank, etc. unless using it with his proper name in the title. I truly believe that even Sessions' doubts this man's citizenship but he does not have the guts to commit political suicide! Sessions is no different from any other politician...he likes his place at the "big trough"! WE have NO statesmen anymore...only POLITICIANS! Statesmen serve the PEOPLE...politicians served THEMSELVES at YOUR expense!

Additionally, why would Sessions' be satisfied himself with "digitally scanned" document? NO ONE ELSE in these United States is allowed to produce a "digitally scanned" copy of their birth certificate when acquiring their drivers' license, entering grade school or college, applying for a passport, entering the military, etc...even in a recent interview with Richard Shelby he is quoted the question of obama's citizenship was raised and he said, "Well, I haven't seen one."

Hugh, this country will not survive 100 days of this man, much less 4 years and the commie media is already using the phraseology of 8 years! Looks like this past election is the LAST election we will participate in...and I know in my bones this past election was NOT a legal election of this man who had only two years' experience as a senator and only a community manager prior to that! However, we do know who his "buddies" are in Chicago...the Al Capone Society!

Just my further thoughts on this matter of which are constantly on my mind!

Pat Godwin

Grasping at Straws

Sorry, old friend, but I believe that you are using wishful thinking to grasp at straws, as is clearly indicated by this web site:

That's probably why Senator Sessions discouraged you from even sending the letter. There is so much else that is legitimately wrong with the policies of the current President and his Democratic administration, as has recently been so well articulated by Senator Gregg, that is easily supportable. Their tax policies will further disenfranchise the working class, just as they will discourage the expansion of business, all while criminally increasing both the deficit and the national debt. Things to focus on as issues for the voters to remedy in the future by reinstating the party that is known for is fiscal responsibility!

Tom Lynch

Great Newsletter

Great. I mean GREAT newsletter. You need to inform your email readers about and Dr. Orly Taitz, the attorney for former Huntsville resident and Ambassador Alan Keyes. On this site you can keep up to date on all the letters and individuals writing our FEDERAL officials about OBAMA's eligibility and lack of proof thereof. Last week a 25-person common law grand jury in Stockbridge, Georgia indicted President Obama on forgery and fraud charges related to his eligibility (Selective Service records, college loan applications, voting records, etc.) Apparently he has over 100 addresses for his name, I wonder how many have voted using those addresses ? Add voter fraud to the list.

God bless you.

Tom Byars

Not in agreement this time

I appreciate you including me on your address list to receive your periodic newsletters. I agree with you at least 90% of the time - but not this time.

This issue has been hashed and rehashed at the national level before, during, and after the election with absolutely no success. And asking one of our country's greatest statesmen and Senators to waste time on this would waste a lot of time and effort that Jeff needs to be spending - and is - on much more important and long-lasting matters.

So I can understand why he was absolutely honest in saying very plainly that he will not do anything to take up this cause. You give him credit for his candor, but then you continue to criticize him for his principled stand. I agree with Jeff that there are far more important issues for him to focus on than to tilt at windmills (such as govt bailouts, out of control budgets, national defense, energy legislation, health care reform, tax reform, immigration, etc., etc., etc.).

Sorry, but you don't have my support on this one, my Don Quixote friend....

Bill Satterfield

In Agreement

I agree with you completely!

Brice Marsh

Not the Same Senator Sessions

Thank you for putting Session on the spot. I did write Senator Session a letter concerning this matter and like you I have (had) the upmost respect for Senator Sessions and the job he has done in the past on the illegal immigration.

The response I received was not the Senator Sessions we have seen fighting to stop the flood of illegal into the USA. It was filled with comments , can’t comment or intervene in this matter while there are cases appearing in the court system, etc. To say the least I was shocked.Let me know when you are writing your letter and I will again write him.

Again thanks for bringing this matter to Senator Session on a person to person basis.

Ted Doke

Two Armies, Not One

You assume that there are two armies rather than one. Instead there are two branches of the same socialist collective. Two arms of the same body. Sessions is more palatable to us because he is true to many old ways and positions, but I recently had to write him because of his support for Eric ("Gun-grabber") Holder as Attorney General. His response was, in effect, that he had to pick his battles wisely. Normally, I am relatively pleased with him and Shelby, but they are just bringing up the rear of the same socialist march that Obama is on.

I best heard it described, once, that the Democrats are in charge, and in the driver's seat, going one hundred miles per hour toward the cliff. The Republicans are in the back seat yelling "Hey, slow this thing down to about 95!" Neither proposes a change in direction.

Obama is probably not a natural born citizen. But that issue should have been taken up years ago. Now it is too late and the powers that be will not even discuss it because it does not convenience them to do so. Obama has been appointed to bring us closer to the socialist goals and he will not be disqualified by some petty thing like the law of the land.

Mark Owsley

15 Apr 09